Friday, December 16, 2005

Overpowered By Funk

An excellent The Ticket today - music and film reviews for 2005. The boys are right - this has been a great year for tunes, not so much for mainstream cinema (although I should confess to about six trips to the cinema in the eleven years since Pulp Fiction hit the Big Screen). I just bought 11-odd songs of bands I don't already have anything of following the various reviews.

But, what has really caught my eye is a 5-star review of a new European film Merry Christmas - a story set around the Christmas Day truce of 1914. I wrote about that story last Christmas Eve - it's fascinated me ever since I saw the video for Paul McCartney's Pipes of Peace on Christmas Day 1983, when I was six. World War 1 itself fascinates me too. I realised a long time ago that, unlike World War 2, there was no clear cut 'Good versus Evil' aspect to the war. It was pretty much just a clash of mighty imperial ambitions - the most classic example of the victors writing the history of modern(ish) times, IMHO.

I must make sure to see it over Christmas...
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