Friday, December 16, 2005


I was thinking a little more about the trenches after I wrote what I wrote yesterday:

Just think about it - two lines of men separated only by a patch of muddy field... a battle that seems to go on for ever and ever... so called 'tactics' that are just slight vatriations on 'hold the line and run at them'... levels of violence unimaginable away from those muddy fields... ferocious close-quarters fighting that may result in gains of only a few yards for incredible expenditure in human energy... toffs baying for more as men lie bleeding and broken... and fools who justify such conflict as 'heroic' and 'honourable'...

Yep, rugby really is a pile of toss...

I'm finished here in Connecticut now. Visiting Stiff in Seattle tomorrow, back to Boston on Tuesday and Dublin on Wednesday (Jebus, three six hour flights in five days...). Hitting Dublin Thursday night then back to The Town on Friday. I doubt I'll post again between now and then so... Sláinte
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