Thursday, December 15, 2005

Electric Co

So it's cold, as I said, but the air is very dry - it's so dry that there is no ice on my car, or on the roads, despite the fact the temperature is now regularly dipping below -10 degC at night. Anyhoo, it being cold and all, I go to work today in my newly acquired, cheap Columbia fleece and then my day of pain begins. The WORST set of static shocks I've ever had! By the evening I was thinking twice about going out the door, holding a handrail or getting out of the car. I even gave a fella, whose hand I shook, a mad shock - which freaked him out! My hair (the same hair that looks ridiculous, as I've gone from shaving it once a week to allowing it to grow for three months) is all curled up at the ends making it look like I'm attempting some kind of mullet. All because the damn fleece was made of polyester. Ireland's 'damp cold' might be harder to take, but at least it doesn't electrocute you!
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