Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Colleague

"Brrrrr... I'm buckin freeezzzin', hey."


"Aww... d'y'know, that there is the coldest day since we got here, now."


"Aww... the gerrrlzzz in Ireland wouldn't be able to handle this, d'y'know HAW, HAW, HAW!"


"They'd really be smuggling peanuts in that weather, hey, D'Y'KNOW HEY! HAW, HAW, HAW!"

"Do you want to say that a bit louder? I'm pretty sure that not every woman currently glaring at you heard that."

"Gerrrlzzz in Ireland are always moaning about the cold there, d'yknow."

*so are you, ya bleedin' lemon*

"My feet are like blocks of ice there, hey... aww, I'm buckin' freeezzzin', hey."

"so you said."

"D'y'not think so, hey? Are you not buckin' freeezzzin' too, there?"

"Lenny. Will you shuttup! You haven't actually gone outside yet, have you?"

"AWWW... awww... well... maybe it's... well, it looks... cold... d'yknow."
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