Friday, December 09, 2005


Well now I'm definitely getting tested. Apparently there's an inter-union row over Christmas cover in the plant back in Cork. You see, it's too expensive to shut the place down yet everybody wants to be off, so what they do is set everything 'safe' then have 4-hour stints in which one person comes in to mind the place from 8pm Christmas Eve until 8am on the 27th - 15 4-hour stints altogether.

The thing is that the 4-hour stints are paid well (holiday OT plus 'inconvenience' bonus) so most of the union-types are happy to do it - a spin into work and a 4 hour break from the family - dossing on the 'net, watching the control systems and walking around a bit. So a row has broken out over how the slots are allocated (they're supposed to sort out themselves who does what).

There's a good chance the company will pull the cover from the union-boys this year and get us techie non-union types to do it instead. So I got a call just now to tell me that I'm going to be provisionally alloted a 4-hour stint for that time period, which for me means 4-hours to Cork, 4-hours work and 4-hours back home. I'm not entitled to OT, I should remind you.

Cork people are so blessed when it comes to investment - I don't think the rest of Ireland realises just how much Cork is awash with the cash of the big pharmaceutical companies (and now there's another two on the way). I'm used to their general arrogance now, I don't notice just how clique-y they are anymore (and I've forgiven their French-esque capitulation in the face of a fairly pathetic Shelbyville onslaught last Sunday!); but I'll never get over the greed and stupidity of their labour force.

Either they have the memories of goldfish or else their arrogance has rewritten history but Dunlop eventually buggered off because of worker unrest and Ford did the same a few years earlier. Back then the city was on its knees - in stark contrast to the way it is now - but times change. Good times come and good times go, and the yanks won't hang around for long once the Eastern European and Chinese tax laws are relaxed, if this behaviour keeps up.

Oh, and in case I forget, good enough for you Mickey. You cnut.

Oh, and Lenny got a slap from a girl for staring at her too much in a bar last night. Funny.
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