Sunday, December 04, 2005

Back In Ireland

I'm so glad I'm not at home this weekend. The FAI Cup Final is on and it's Cork City v Drogheda Utd. The worst possible Cup Final pairing as far as I'm concerned but at least it'll probably be over by the time I raise myself on Sunday. The thoughts of the nation's most arrogant people picking up another national title is hard enough to accept but the thoughts of Shelbyville ever winning anything ever is just distressing! *Sigh* I suppose I'll lean for Cork to keep Drogheda's trophy cabinet drier than the Gobi desert, and keep them in their place.

I should point out that Dundalk City ladies are playing in the women's FAI Cup Final against some crowd from Galway. Another bit of silverware would be nice - especially in the most popular women's team sport in Ireland (camogie is just two-county nonsense). However, the chant "You're supposed to be at home" seems quite apt...! (sorry...)
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