Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Stay Free

Shock tonight as democracy actually works. Surprise of the evening: The DUP voted against extended detention of terror suspects.

According to Blair "People will believe parliament was deeply irresponsible." Well, maybe the Daily Mail reading Little-Englanders might (must check the op-ed pieces later/tomorrow) but extended detention without trial is just wrong. They've settled for 28 days instead of 90. What could police discover between the 29th and 90th day anyway that will make Britain safer?

The majority against was 31. Supposing it had been closer? Supposing it was, for the sake of argument, a victory for the government by... oh, 4 votes. Then the Shinner's abstentionism would have been responsible for introducing a law that allows terror suspects to be held without charge for 90 days! That would have been irony, Ms. Morrisette. Ah well...
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