Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Safe European Home

You can't dismiss people's fear for their livelihoods lightly, but the CAP is exactly the sort of protectionism that makes our support for 'Drop the Debt' style campaigns simply hypocritical.

Understandably IFA president John Dillon is supporting his members, but claiming that CAP reform would bring an end to quality control on food, an end to traceability, swine fever, foot-and-mouth and avian flu is scaremongering, feeds prejudice and xenophobia. What's more it's rubbish. Europe's richest farmers benefit from CAP the most, not the breadline small-holders.

He actually said "Brazil will deliver us over 30-month-old beef, produced by slave labour and full of hormones. Mandelson is inviting in the South American ranchers at the expense of Irish and European farmers." Those perfidious foreigners, obviously incapable of meeting our quality standards.

Of course we pay such high prices for our food because all those immigrant workers in our food production industry are treated so well. And aren't Brazilian cattle ranchers cutting down rainforest so much easier to demonise than African farmers? Besides we shouldbe really careful who we side with - the French are due a major surrender some time soon.

Colts Pats game was good:

I doubt I'm really their number 1 fan - despite what my foam appendage claims...

Lenny tried to runover a Colts fan after the game in the Car Park. People from Indiana don't like nearly being hit by cars, to Lenny's apparent surprise.

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