Monday, November 14, 2005

Love Is Blindness

Pretty much the most bizarre court case I've ever heard of:

"The number of people Phadnis claimed were involved in his parents' slayings, as well as their ethnicity, changed daily, according to Phadnis' testimony. One day, the gang was comprised of a handful of Samoans and their girlfriends. Later that same day, there were also two whites, a couple of blacks, one Native American and, perhaps, even one transgendered individual in the gang. By the end of the trial, Phadnis was saying there were more than 30 armed Samoans involved."

Needless to say the jury convicted him when they stopped laughing.

So the Celtics got beat easily by the San Antonio Spurs on Friday night. I hadn't realised they were the current World Champions (when in Rome...). The rest of the weekend was mostly the standard sight-seeing stuff. This 'off-Broadway production' sounded like a joke but isn't. Who would go to this? It sounds like something Troy McClure would do.

I also took this picture of the Red Sox Fenway Park from the top of the Prudential Tower. It's digital zoom through a dulled window so pretty good, huh? Thanks again Dermo for recommending this camera.

And now to the title of the post. I got a call from a Spanish bloke working with me on Saturday. He and some friends were going to an Ethiopian restaurant in Boston on Saturday night and then on to some club called Rumor, which his sister works in. Anyway Ethiopian food is lovely, if a bit odd - I had Zilzzi Tibs as a main course. So we get to the club at 11pm and the qeue is at least 200-long. Only girls and rich looking blokes with girls on their arms were getting in. So on we saunter in past everybody! I even get a "Good evening sir" off a bouncer! Stuff like this never happens me.

Then I get a call from Lenny while having pre-club cocktails in some VIP lounge. He and the mott are looking to go for 'beers' apparently. So I get ready for the whole 'No can do' routine when the Spaniard offers to get him in. So half an hour later it's me, Lenny, the Spaniard, six of his friends and Lenny's mott who knows none of us. What's more there are now legions of girls dancing on tables and counter-tops each trying to outdo the other in terms of outrageous exhibitionism.

Needless to say a guy like Lenny, with all the subtlety of a train wreck, has his eyes popping out of his skull. And, obviously, the music is pumping, which means carrying a conversation is impossible - although a boom box like Lenny tried chewing the ear off each and everyone of us. So Lenny's lady stands there in silence feeling inadequate and miserable until about 1.30 am when she finally has enough and asks Lenny to bring her home. The first question asked by the Spaniard was "How long is she in Boston for?" (three nights) "Then why did he want to bring her here?" Well, now, because the guy has no cop on is the only real answer.

So I'm getting an earful today about their last day together yesterday, which was spent in sulky silence apparently. She also gave out to him about the weird gassy belches (so it's not just me!). So today Lenny is hacking me off by seeming to think that I, as a fellow male, will understand why there's nothing wrong with ogling lots of young, nubile scantily-clad, frankly gorgeous girls in front of the girlfriend he hasn't seen in over 6-weeks. He's wrong.

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