Tuesday, November 22, 2005

If God Will Send His Angels

"EWTN - providing the solid Catholic programming that feeds your soul"

I'm watching The Journey Home on a Catholic TV channel - The Coming Home Network. I've never seen it before, but this episode is an interview with David Quinn filmed this year in Maynooth and basically it's a 1-to-1 between him and the presenter with Quinn talking about his life story and how he became, basically, and in his own words, a defender of Catholicism. He's also trying to describe Catholicism as it now exists in Ireland to an American audience. He's being very matter-of-fact and hasn't said much you'd disagree with, given the high level synopsis he's giving.

But now that the conversation has moved on to church-abuse scandals the presenter (Marcus Grodi), who has sat and listened until now, has managed to try and dilute the scandal with a "they were all at it" type of reasoning and then he's tried to blame it on the aftermath of Vatican 2! In fairness to Quinn he's knocked both notions on the head, at least in an Irish context. Audio/Video links to tonight's show should appear here and if you really like, and own a Region 1 DVD player, you can buy it on dvd. You won't learn anything about the Irish Church, I suppose, but it's interesting watching documentaries about us from the other side that aren't full of skiddly-idle-doodle-didle crap.
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