Wednesday, November 30, 2005


And while I'm in the mood; Cork County Council voted to oppose the siting of an incinerator at Cork Harbour:

'Cllr Paula Desmond of Labour, who backed the motion opposing incineration, said the draft waste management plans for counties Kerry, Clare and Limerick, all made reference to "taking account of thermal treatment development plans in neighbouring areas". She said that Cork County Council should not in any way support any proposal for waste to be exported to any incinerators in the Cork area and she suggested that the Cork County Council should convey this view to the other local authorities.'

And why are there plans to site an incinerator in Cork? Maybe it's the fact that there are a dozen or more pharmaceutical plants in the Cork City area generating thousands of tons of waste that is currently exported to the arse ends of Finland and Germany for incineration. So it's ok for Cork to export its waste thousands of miles, but not ok for Kerry Co Co to send their waste 60 miles east? Remember that these same factories are providing thousands of jobs and have Cork awash with money. All the benefit - none of the responsibility. Stupid redneck hypocrites.
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