Thursday, November 03, 2005

Complete Control

Yes, it's football. Yes, watching Man Yoo's current woes is pretty damn funny. But the Daily Mail is still a Xenophobic rag, which is the point of this post...

'No more pussyfooting around. No more Europhile posturing...there is absolutely no evidence that Carlos Queiroz has the slightest idea which ingredients go into a traditionally rip-roaring United team. To hell with the thinking man's game, and if that means unseating the Continental professor at Old Trafford, then so be it.

'United have been marching to the beat of a different drummer. The thunder of Ferguson's sound and fury have given way to the slower, less insistent lilt of his assistant's native fado. Here is Scottish rage diluted by Portuguese melancholy.'

Queiroz seems unable to recognise, let alone stimulate, that quintessential way of playing which has been the basis of United's half century of glory.'Not for nothing is Ferguson known as the Godfather of Premiership managers. He had called for a revival of the cavalier spirit. Still the dead hand of Queiroz was on the sterile tactics and tempo.

'Unless Ferguson takes action without pity, Queiroz will drag him down with him'

Jeff Powell in the Daily Mail today. A piss-poor midfield trio is not their problem; Johnny Foreigner is.

Three questions to put this in context:

1. Where's Jose Mourinho from?
2. How come the 'half century of glory' includes a 26-year period without a league win?
3. How many English managers have won the Premiership since it was formed from the old Division 1?
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