Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Colleague

Lennyism 3 (trying to be a hit with the girls): One of the managers in the department I'm seconded to is a woman of about 40 who looks quite young for her age. Anyway Lenny has taken a bit of a shine to her and attempts to flirt the odd time, usually managing to do no more than scare her with his 'banter'. Her surname is 'Strok' and she informed him today (when he asked) that it's a Norwegian name. Lenny then announced that he once dated a Swedish girl and he thought he had noticed she had Scandinavian 'featurezzz'. I was nearly chewing my fist trying not to laugh. 'Why, that's not so funny', you say? Well it is. You see, 'Strok' is her married name. Her maiden name is 'Wright'.
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