Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Colleague

All day (we share an office) I've been listening to:

"Awww, there's nooo neeeed for her to feel so in-sekkk-urrre, d'y'know."

"I never minded when her mates and herrr say they like some bloke off teee-veee, hey."

"She hung up on me, d'y'know, that's worsssse than anything I did, d'y'know hey."

and on, and on, and on.

At one stage I ventured to say "If I was you (*mutter* I wouldn't have acted the clown in the first place) I'd attempt the biggest capitulation seen since Napoleon got the fuck out of Moscow."

He looked at me. It was the first time he'd shut up all day. I think, because I spoke about something he didn't understand (i.e. something other than himself), that I confused him. He turned his head slightly, as if pointing one ear in my direction; did one of his strange gassy belches and, after a few cogs had attempted one full revolution in his brain, said:

"Awww... you're right, hey, she is being unreasonable..."

I turned away again.
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