Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Career Opportunities

What, exactly, is this article saying?...

Graduates report says women earn 11% less overall
by Frank McNally

'Male graduates get paid substantially more than female ones within three years of joining the private sector, a new survey by the Economic and Social Research Institute reveals.'

So, obviously, you should be sickened that in this day and age women don't earn what men earn for doing the same job. So move on...

'The authors of Degrees of Equality: Gender Pay Differentials Among Recent Graduates, express surprise at finding private-sector wage variations among a group for which children - a key issue in later careers - are not yet a factor.'

So far, so bad - but then...

'the gender pay differential reflects the contrasting careers pursued by men and women rather than wage differences within the same jobs. Lower earnings for arts graduates affect mainly women, for example, while men are the main beneficiaries of the higher earnings among engineers.'

There you have it - on average, engineers earn more money than arts graduates. Why wasn't this on the front page? Oh wait...

Also revealed: 'men were more likely to have received employer-sponsored training in the preceding two years and were more likely to have received a promotion. "This is due to the higher proportion of male graduates in the private sector where promotions are more common."' Never!

There are certainly gender issues in the workplace that should be resolved but guff like this just clouds the issue.
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