Sunday, November 27, 2005

All I Want Is U2

It's about 2am now. I think my nuts are about to fall off - it's so bloody cold - but Oh... My... God - what a fantastic show! How do they do it? How, after all these years, do they manage to put so much heart and soul into every show? The place was absolutely lifting from start to finish. I swear, when Bono attempted a Pavarotti job on the soprano section of Miss Sarajevo there were people crying (cos it was emotional, not cos he sucked). They finished off with Bad, inviting Daniel Lanois on stage to play it with them. Unbelievable. I used to think his name was pronounced 'La-noise', which was the first thing I thought of when he came on stage. In a new thing I hadn't seen before some wee fella, no more than six at a guess, was brought on stage to shout "no more" into the microphone during Sunday. Tres Emotional as they may or may not say 'round these parts. The show ended at aboot 11:30, so I headed for the Hard Rock Cafe where a U2 tribute band were playing. They were virtually flawless, and had decided to play songs not played tonight so stuff like Ultraviolet, Love Is Blindness, Unforgettable Fire and A Sort Of Homecoming all got a run out. Class!

I'm going to bed...
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