Wednesday, November 23, 2005

All I Want Is U2

I'm off tomorrow and Fiday for Thanksgiving. Woo and, indeed, Hoo. My first Thanksgiving in the US is going to be spent in Canada, which is a whole other country (apparently). Save trees, eat beaver - that's what I say... My last big huge mega concert of the year - U2 supported by Arcade Fire indoors in Montreal - takes place on Saturday and I'm taking the train up in the morning. I heard that the Quebecish speak Arrogant Surrender so I better not get the whole deliberate blank response thing I got in Paris at last year's Ireland match, when I attempted to communicate to the natives in each of Arrogant Surrender, Anglais and Universal Gesticulation with no success.

The problem is that, while today is a beautiful day (snigger), the first winter snow is due to hit tonight - 3 inches are supposed to fall around Hartford by 6am - and I'm supposed to be driving 180 odd miles to Schenectady (pronounced Sken-eck-tiddy, apparently, not Shen-eck-tadey, which caused great hilarity here) in upstate New York to catch my train for 10:30am.

Lenny, meanwhile is supposed to be going another 80-odd miles into New York state (hence the reason for catching the train up there) to stay with his aunt. So he wants to go up this evening and stay there then drive me back to the train in the morning. Now there's three things wrong with this. One, I feel uncomfortable dropping in on someone's family home unexpected, particularly the family of someone I'm not exactly fond of, two, it would add 160-odd miles to my already long journey and, three, I've heard his aunt and family on the phone and they're such motormouths they even shut him up for a while, which (believe me) is some accomplishment. Then again I've seen a picture of his 25 year old med-student cousin and she's hot. Dilemmas...

In a potentially new feature I think I'll highlight some 'Lennyisms' (outrageous conclusions drawn from scant evidence):

Lennyism 1: (on hearing news that a lady colleague of ours was being transferred to his old department) 'Awww... I'd say the companeee made that decision because they felt a woman would soften the department a bit, d'y'know...'

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