Friday, October 28, 2005

Wolf Parade

The Ticket reviews Wolf Parade's (the crowd I went to see last Saturday) debut album...

WOLF PARADE Apologies to the Queen Mary Sub Pop *****

Given the many connections between Wolf Parade and fellow Montreal residents Arcade Fire, comparisons are inevitable. Yet one listen to the soaring, dramatic, attractively ramshackle I'll Believe in Anything, and you can understand why Apologies to the Queen Mary is every jot the equal of Arcade Fire's Funeral. There are few pauses for breath on this energetic, loose-limbed, often gloriously unfocused outing, as both frontmen Dan Boeckner (the one who yelps a little like Kurt Cobain) and Spencer King (the one who doesn't) throw themselves into songs that shake, rattle and resonate with the kind of emotional noise which is often easy to create but difficult to sustain. Yet this splendid, spirited buzz is here at every turn, dominating the driving Shine a Light, spotlighting the breathtaking scope of Dear Sons & Daughters of Hungry Ghosts, and pushing the astonishing I'll Believe in Anything towards the finishing line. Get ready for some more big music.

Jim Carroll
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