Monday, October 17, 2005

The Wanderer

So it finally stopped raining. The average rainfall around here for October is about 4 inches but, from Friday 8th to Saturday just gone about 11 inches of rain has fallen. Ridiculous really.

So, anyway, I saw Franz Ferdinand in Boston on Saturday night. As expected they put on an excellent show, mixing up the two albums fairly evenly. Two of the roadies started playing the drum kit as well as the drummer (sort of one simble and one drum each) during the encore, which was gimmicky but kinda class. The Orpheum Theatre is very similar to Dublin's Olympia. I was right at the back on the top level, but that meant I could stand on my seat and get a great view - so it worked out well.

Because of the weather, the train we had booked to Boston got cancelled so we ended up driving. The Amtrak from New London to Boston is $80 return, and we're only talking about a 90-odd mile journey (and I thought Iarnrod Eireann prices were bad). Car parking in the city was $26 for the two days so no wonder people looked puzzled when we said we were going by train.

Of course going by car leads to certain hazards one wouldn't expect to come across when travelling by train. There is the Lenny factor for a start. We sort of got split up on Saturday night and I... eh... had to make my way back on Sunday morning to where I was supposed to have stayed (tall buildings in city centres make it very easy to figure out the direction you're supposed to head, don't you think?) So, when I got back, I found Lenny standing beside the car. Good stuff, I thought, I'll grab my stuff, have a shower and change. Alas things weren't so simple. A hungover and generally disconnected Lenny had locked the keys of the car in the boot.

For some reason he seemed to think I should take pity on him and sort it all out with the rental company. So, in the nicest possible way, I told him to take a running jump. I wandered off for the day to take in the sights and sounds while Lenny was restricted to a 100 yard radius while waiting for the Sunday callout guy, who didn't arrive til after 5pm. Hah! He's lucky there was a Starbucks and a Wendys within the 100 yard radius. Boston is a nice city to take in at your own pace... So, this weekend, Lenny hacked me off by trying to get me stranded.
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