Monday, October 31, 2005

Wake Up Dead Man

This is going to be all over the place, because that's how I am today...

I'm pretty sure I should have the day off today. I still work for my department in Ireland and I'm getting Irish wages (i.e. a lot less than my equivalents here; but more than my Singaporean equivalent on this job with me and Lenny). Having said that it would mean I'd have to work for Thanksgiving but I'd be willing to, no problem. It's not my fault I won't be let when the time comes!

I need sleep - my eyes are hanging out of my head. I realised this morning that I haven't had more than seven hours sleep one single day since I got here four weeks ago; and only about five the last four days in a row. I know that's nothing too trying, but it's finally affecting my concentration. I usually need one complete crash out lie-in a fortnight to feel recharged.

I also look ridiculous. I figured I'd let my hair grow for a laugh (I've been buzzing myself a 2 blade for at least ten years) and now I look like a God-damned, tree-huggin' hippy. My hair is at least an inch long all over my head. The Po-lice are bound to start beating me one of these days. I'm like a cross between a microphone and a muck savage. It's also growing in a spiral from my crown (which I'd never realised 'til now). Still, I'll persevere until Christmas and see how I am then.

I've been in America enough times to think that nothing would really shock me. But the amount of drink-driving in this neck of the woods has me stunned. Outside the cities, public transport and taxis are non-existant and so people are getting gee-eyed and driving 20 miles home or more, not a bother on them.

I took this picture in Greenwich village:

Then read this story. I thought the Halloween stuff would be more in-your-face but it hasn't been anywhere I've been this weekend.

I also took this picture outside the IRS in New York:

I have a video clip that shows the clock increase by about $10,100 in 9 seconds. It's quite prominent and striking, but does it make anyone here wonder about how their economy works?

I decided not to go see anything in particular (I'll be back in New York in three weeks anyway) so I just walked, and walked and walked. From about 1pm until about 9pm we were off our feet for maybe 30 minutes in total. All over Midtown, down Broadway and west into Greenwich then across to the East Village and back up Fifth Avenue. Just trying to absorb it all. Unsurprisingly I've already decided I love the place.

The Giants v Redskins was unexpectedly and ridiculously one-sided. I'm actually a 'skins 'fan', going back to the late 80's when American Football became popular on Channel 4. I was surprised at myself - I had great seats, the fans around us were fantastic, the atmosphere was electric, the Giants themselves were immense yet, all the while, I kept rooting for the Redskins inside and was genuinely disappointed at how it turned out (they were incredibly crap on the day).

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