Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Somebody Got Murdered

Or, to put it another way, Brian Kerr got the bullet. I feel sorry for him. He's a good football man, he's a good Irish football man and he cares about the development of the grassroots game in Ireland (and we need that at a time of increasingly pork-tastic, pudding box kids not running around our schoolyards).

If you don't cheat by grouping hurling and gaelic football under the heading "Gaelic Games" then football is the most popular male participation sport in Ireland and the Ireland manager's job is possibly the single most important and high pressure job in Irish sport (I would have said President of the GAA is, only he can barely choose which type of bogroll he's allowed wipe his hole with without a special session of Congress).

A week ago I wanted the guy out but all that seems to be in the running for the job are spoofers, chancers, assorted mockeryologists and Martin O'Neill. If we don't get Martin O'Neill then this has been a bad, bad move.
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