Monday, October 10, 2005

Some Days Are Better Than Others

I went to a beer tasting night with people from work on Friday. Beers from all over the world and all over the States. The Guinness importer had Harp (don't laugh, it's one of the most expensive imports here) so I get ready for the whole "It's brewed in my home town" bit when I read the label and see it's brewed under licence in bleedin Canada! Gits.

I drove for 90 minutes and payed $20 into an Irish bar in New Haven, Connecticut to watch that pitiful excuse for a football match on Saturday. I have supported Kerr thus far but it's an insult to people's intelligence to say "In the second half we were better. We used it quite well at times and we were more composed and comfortable." and "I think it's a fair result". Bollox, Brian. Kilbane is a shadow of the player he was this time last year, he does not deserve to start Wednesday, but he will and we will get overrun in midfield. Again.

I lost $90 in about 5 minutes playing roulette at the Mohegan Sun casino yesterday. Generalisations may be wrong, but the Chinese and South East Asians have gambling issues like the Irish have drinking issues. With roulette you should break even over time if you're smart, but you have to be willing to double up to cover your losses. And at $15 minimum stake I just don't have the balls.

I sat down and resolved to watch my first full ball game yesterday and, nearly 6 hours later, the Astros had defeated the Braves 7-6 after 18 innings. Yep, the game I picked had to be the longest playoff game in baseball history. I was able to read most of a book and iron my five work-shirts in between all the innings.


There are actually two of us from work on the project over here. I'll refer to the other fella as Lenny. I used to enjoy his company but, over time, he's turned into more than a bit of a head-wrecker. So I figure someone, somewhere felt that I needed a test of patience or something. Anyway, in homage to a sadly defunct blog I used to read, I will henceforth post one item per day detailing how Lenny has hacked me off so as to get it off my chest.

Today Lenny hacked me off by playing Dire Straits' Money for Nothing loudly in our (shared) hire car all the way to work while shouting over it at me insisting how "class" it is. As a result I've now got crappy '80s guitar ringing in my head...
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