Wednesday, October 05, 2005

In God's Country

A long day, made 2 hours longer by that extremely daft Shannon stopover, but at least I got a long lie in as far as my body clock is concerned. I saw a planeload of US troops in fatigues in Shannon. The Americans on our flight applauded them back to their plane. All I could think was that I'd be shitting concrete blocks myself if I was one of them. Yesterday was my 4th or 5th time in Shannon since the war began but it was the first time I'd seen any troops.

The movie on the flight (on my personal, business class tv...) was Batman Begins. What a steaming pile of turd that was. If I was pedantic I'd complain that it doesn't even come close to tying in properly with the rest of the franchise (a different guy altogether kills Bruce Wayne's parents for a start) but really, considering the subject matter, the problem was that it took itself far too seriously - as a film its head was up its own hole.

I picked up my car, a Ford Taurus (what a piece of shit) in Boston Logan and made the ~3 hour journey into Connecticut. The radio was set to Boston 104.1 FM and the VERY first thing I heard was "Hey, guy, come on, answer the question. Gay or retarded?" "Gay. At least you'd be enjoying yourself!" That was then followed by a long rant blaming the Boston Herald for the Red Sox defeat to the White Sox that was then in progress. The Herald ran a piece comparing Reds to Whites, including comparing Fenway Franks favourably to Chicago Hot Dogs, nonsense that thus jinxed Boston, apparently.

So I'm at work now and have bashed that out because, at the moment, the locals aren't sure what to do with me. I have to watch myself because, although every paddy is convinced that all Americans "love the Irish", 'round here they see us as job robbers. This factory is smaller than mine, employs more people and manufactures something like 5% the value of drugs we do. All to do with tax of course. I'll be a lot happier when my shit is sorted and I know exactly what I'm doing when I come in each day.
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