Thursday, October 06, 2005

If God Will Send His Angels

Well done you muttonheads, way to piss off a nation that was beginning to tolerate you again.

It's even worse that "abstinence" has come into the debate. Church teaching on abstinence before marriage and fidelity to your spouse, as an effective protection against HIV infection, has a certain validity (if the whole population choose to live that way and you pretend that blood transfusions don't happen). But preaching abstinence to avoid pregnancy, so that a chemo drug won't harm the unborn child the woman/patient doesn't even have yet, is just so, so wrong.

The church can preach its ethics and morals, it has as much of a right to an opinion as any group or individual. But it has NO right to impose its morality on others, which is what it's doing in this case. If the issue is that the Mater Hospital in Dublin is the church's hospital and it, therefore, has a "right" to impose its own ideas of ethics on prospective patients, then the state should take whatever steps are necessary to wrest control of that hospital from the church.

Allowing the State to interfere with individual freedoms is debatable, allowing the Church to do it is intolerable. The witholding of medical treatment on any non-medical grounds should be outlawed.
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