Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hate And War

The Guardian's Rory Carroll has been kidnapped in Iraq. I wonder what the Irish Times Letter writers will make of this. Clearly it's the government's fault for breaching our long-standing, internationally respecteded neutrality by siding with those imperialistic Americans and letting US troops stretch their legs in Shannon before they go carpet bombing the Eye-Rakis.

Who'll be the first to demand he gets released on the grounds that he's Irish and not actually British at all? If we could just get those poor oppressed Islamic fundamentalists to listen to our radio phone-ins they'd realise we're all just as opposed to the occupation as they are. Who'll also be the first to demand that the Dept. of Foreign Affairs "do something"? As if they're in a position to do squat.

This is Carroll's last filed story. He's been a good reporter thus far (if a little bit too keen to lead the reader to believe unsubstantiated 'eye-witness' accounts). His kidnapping is, like every single other one, totally unjustified. Hopefully his fate won't be that of so many others at the hands of cold-blooded nutcases.
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