Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I intended mentioning this before now, but Johann Hari's article in the Independent today has finally prompted me and given me a good link to reference. The nailing line "... there was a darker, less obvious trend revealed by the anti-MMR scandal: a populist contempt for basic science and evidence."

There is a battle in progress, where ready access to all the information and dis-information in the world is arming the ignorant and the anti-scientists in their assault on the Enlightenment. Suspicion of an elusive 'establishment' encourages people to fill the gaps in their knowledge and understanding with ad hoc beliefs, anecdotal evidence, hearsay and coincidence.

This winter there will be people who will stand facing you and insist they have 'flu. Many will also claim they are taking antibiotics for the 'flu. In both cases they'll be talking guff. In the current and rising clamour for vaccines and anti-virals in the event of a bird flu pandemic, attention is turning to evil big-Pharma (this time Roche) and their Tamiflu patents. Maybe Roche should tell people that they'll be grand with Homeopathy and herbal remedies like Ginseng.
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