Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Colleague

Lenny makes noises. Lenny makes lots of noises. Lenny talks to himself and emits a fairly constant dull sound from the back of his throat that is somehwere between "Ehhh..." and "Awww..." when he's considering something. Lenny likes to inhale deeply every now and then and let out a big "AHHHH...". Lenny likes to clap his hands and congratulate himself. Lenny also has one of those strange nasal whistles some people have when breathing through their nose. And Lenny has a stomach problem, or so he seems to need to tell me regularly. This seems to involve him doing those strange gassy belches (the ones that people who eat rich food too quickly seem to make) on an almost constant basis. Me and Lenny share an office. Today Lenny hacked me off by making me want to beat my head off the keyboard with his inability to keep f#cking quiet...
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