Wednesday, October 12, 2005

C'mon the country

Oi, bâtards suisses ! Où est le Nazi de l'or ?
Oi, schweizer bastard! Wo ist der Nazi Gold?
Oi, bastardi svizzeri! Dove è il Nazi oro?

I think that covers just about all of them...

Yes, it seems to be that time of year again where we play a bunch of gold-hording gits who you would imagine should be relatively inoffensive (and relatively easy to beat) yet manage to make your blood boil by beating us while simultaneously being blatantly crap.

Our manager (whom, as a League of Ireland product, I would dearly love to see do well) is in last chance saloon and I'm fairly sure he doesn't know how to get out of it. His meticulous attention to detail just seems to be failing to inspire our boys to consistently raise their mediocre abilities to achieve the results too many of us have become accustomed to.

He is a cautious manager by nature and this fact, coupled with an inability to drop players who are playing badly for their clubs and a coaching system that seems to completely ignore planning for set-pieces, may lead to a frustrating, fruitless night followed by the loss of his job.

But then we're really due a big performance so who knows?...

Speaking of football, Lenny knows Sweet FA about football. There's nothing wrong with this normally, of course, but Lenny seems to believe he's an authority on the sport and, in general, I despise people who pretend to know what they're talking about (especially things I care about). The fact is the guy has never heard of some of the game's top players and doesn't know who plays for which clubs. Yet some of the language he uses to describe the goings on would put even Vincent Hogan (Class A charlatan and gobshite) to shame.
As far as I knew Lenny was an Arsenal fan. However, last season, he revealed that he was, in fact, and always had been, an Everton fan. Now I've known the guy nearly five years, but I did not know that. You don't mind kids growing up supporting any team, in any sport, because of success - after geography it's the natural basis for following a team. In general, most Leeds fans are in their forties, for example, 'pool fans tend to be in their late twenties / thirties while Man Yoo fans were either brought up in the '90s or their dads were fans in the '50s and '60s. But you do mind grown men switching their allegiances to rival clubs to follow success. Needless to say Lenny has been fairly quiet about the toffee's lack of form, and the Gunners' for that matter, this season.
Anyway today Lenny is discussing the forthcoming match. Apparently Liam Miller should play. That's Liam Miller the Man Yoo midfelder that's hardly seen a game of football for 18 months. Lenny thinks he did well for Celtic. I'm trying to point out that this was in 2003. It turns out he meant Aidan McGeady. He's hardly played all season either. Today Lenny is hacking me off by talking bollox.
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