Monday, September 05, 2005

Poweroutage Breakfast

I'm still fried, even though I only went to the Picnic on Saturday. I'm glad I got the recommendation for The Matthew Herbert Big Band from Sinéad - they set the day up nicely. I pottered around after that for a while, the weather was grand, there were stalls selling all kinds of culinary delights and for reasonable prices too. Mr Pie Minister, their English pies and their flaggons of cheap Somerset cider, kept me going nicely in the afternoon.

There were middle-class hippies all over the shop, so much so that I briefly considered an Eric Cartman style assault on the Amnesty International recruitment tent. Maybe I'll hear differently in the news but the cops could see people skinning-up and chose to ignore it, which was kind of cool. They seemed to decide that the atmosphere was so relaxed and good natured that they could keep a low profile.

Anyway, after wandering in and out of tents for a while I settled in to see Goldfrapp and then The Arcade Fire (the main reason I'd bought a ticket in the first place). Goldfrapp were very good but, to be honest, I'd forgotten their set by the time The Arcade Fire had finished. They were FANTASTIC, an incredible act to see live. They started with a pounding Wake Up - a song now known to U2 fans all over the globe - and finished with Neighbourhood #3 run into Lies. I don't remember ever being at such an intimate, exhilerating performance at a festival in my life. Everybody seemed to love it.

After that I had to duck out of the tent and went to Doves. I enjoyed them but there was something a little flat about their gig. It was nothing like when I saw them in February. Then I took a break, my mate Goodser and me wandered off and sort of watched the start of the Flaming Lips for a couple of minutes from distance while getting some more food in. Then I went down for Kraftwerk, which would never have occured to me but, like I say, I was getting good advice and I have to say I really enjoyed the set. It was so odd not seeing a bunch of punters bounding around the stage clapping at their fans. They were just so... precise. Then everyone headed to Fatboy Slim who put on a pretty decent show (complete with '50s style 3-D glasses that let you see smily faces floating in mid-air onstage) 'til 2am.

I slept in the car for a while and got back to Cork at around 7am - hence the still fried - but God it was worth it!..
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