Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hate And War

What has been happening in the North is a disgrace. Words just cannot describe the contempt that I feel for these people. In the North it is *always* someone elses fault, anybody elses fault. Over at Slugger O'Toole people can analyse the hows and whys of what's happening. How there's a right to freedom of assembly but not if it's by people you don't like, how there's a necessity for dialogue but not with people you don't like, how it's somebody elses fault if some scumbag puts petrol in a bottle, walks out into the middle of a riot, lights it and chucks it at the police; and all the rest of that utter bollox.

I just want to record for myself, for future reference, just how much utter revulsion I have for Northern Irish society right now. It's a fucked-up, diseased little shithole of a place. If they're not actively engaged in acting like the scum of the earth then they're busy justifying it or maybe condemning but with qualifiers about "themmuns" and "whatabout...".

People feeling the need to celebrate battles from hundreds of years ago, knowing that in doing so they are antagonising their neighbours, and that they are deliberately doing so to reaffirm their cultural identity, is pathetic. People, whose lives must be that easy or that boring that all they have to worry about is a bunch of sad old men and knuckle dragging neanderthals walking the streets of inbred shitehole backwaters, getting worked up into a violent shrill frenzy, is pathetic. That politicians, so-called public representatives, can make statements that both incite violence and simultaneously wash their hands of it, and be let get away with it by the brain-dead who seemingly make-up about 80% of the Northern electorate, is pathetic.

Scumbags the lot of them. A fucking hurricane would sort that place out. Where's God when you need him?
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