Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys

Allez les hommes en verts! (No idea if that's right) Heading to Dublin for the match. I don't have a ticket but there's no way I'm watching it in Cork. I'm nervous as hell and have a bad feeling about this one, especially after the Israel debacles. However you can't overlook the ability of French teams to chuck in the towel when things aren't going their way. If they throw a strop we might get a result but if they score early we're screwed. Cork people only support winning teams and have a bad habit of turning on a team that's not doing well. I watched our World Cup games here and hated it. We went a goal down in 3 of the 4 games and it was just moan and groan "they're shite" and all that. If we get the ball and it's not in the opposition box within approximately 0.23 of a second they start cribbing as well. Wrong sport you gobshites!

A little anecdote: during the World Cup match against Spain Damian Duff, our one creative player, was switched to the right wing. This was because the Spanish right-back Carlos Puyol had him in his pocket whereas the Spanish left-back, Juanfran, was having a 'mare. So the Corkies started slagging the manager (Mick McCarthy, after Keano and Saipan, don't go there) about playing our left-winger on the right until I pointed out the obvious at which point I was told that Duff should be marking Puyol!!! Wrong sport you gobshites! Duff then won a penalty off Juanfran... So up to Dublin then to watch the game with proper football fans.

Went to see Editors in Cork last night. They were really good and the album is well worth a listen - sort of Interpol moved to Northern England and speeded up a bit and, in some places, like very early U2. Sure, it won't win prizes for originality but it's good stuff.

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