Monday, August 29, 2005

Overpowered By Funk

All the suggestions I've gotten below for Electric Picnic have me feeling very mainstream...

Nick Cohen (op-ed type journo who I'd have the most time for) in yesterday's Observer takes a cut off the homeopathy nonsense in light of the Lancet report I mentioned below. He also takes the EU to task over Uzbekistan. No one should be surprised at the limp response of the EU to issues like this. There's always one member state whose agenda conflicts with the ability to find consensus on this sort of thing.

One only has to look at the despicable way the French have undermined EU efforts to impose sanctions on Burma to protect the oil interests of state-owned TotalFinaElf. Similarly the UN couldn't find consensus on Sudan over Darfur because of China's oil interests there. Of course no one knows or cares, because only those evil yanks form foreign policy around oil supply.

If my good friend Dermo comes across this he might threaten to glass me again. Well I'd like to see him try from Philly..
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