Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hate And War

This is just one of the murals you can see as you cross the border from Dundalk into the North (this one is on the main road just south of Newry). It's not very liberal of me, but the mere fact murals like this sprung up in South Armagh of all places back when they were arrested (or "caught" as I see it) is enough evidence for me that they are guilty.

However I doubt the Colombia 3 (are we the only country to label groups of people like this?...) will ever be extradited - no treaty exists as yet and I would be surprised if any Irish court extradited them given the way the initial trials were handled in Colombia, given all the media attention and now given that the Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell has effectively prejudiced a trial with his comments yesterday, which included... He rejected the proposition that the three men - James Monaghan, Martin McCauley and Niall Connolly - had gone to Colombia to advance peace in any way. Anybody "who is in any way intelligent" would agree with him. "The great likelihood is that they were there for a different purpose, which was to impart technology in terror to the Farc guerrillas in Colombia."

All of which is a pity. The Shinners are going to get away with this one as well, though hopefully the Gardai will manage to make something stick. This photo in last Friday's Irish Times was an excelllent spot by the photographer.

(It says "Passport applications must be signed at your local Garda Station" - Connolly was being questioned with passport offences and had been arrested in Colombia travelling on a false passport).

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