Saturday, August 27, 2005

Electric Picnic

I'm having a 'mare. I was all setup to go when people started pulling out left, right and centre. This bloody country. People moan about having nothing to do and then, when something really class comes along, they don't bother. What the hell else are they going to do next Saturday? Sit on their holes in their anonymous 3-bed semi-ds in the sticks, talking about whether they're going to buy those cheap Spanish tiles that are being advertised every 6 seconds on the radio? Gits.

I'll definitely only manage the Saturday now. Hopefully my gay mate and her partner will be on to go. I'm pointing out that she's gay because she's pretty much the only person I know in Cork who's good for gigging and every straight girl I know in Cork is too busy reading Celebrity Quick TV Chat Now magazine to even know what an Electric Picnic is and you often have to rely on gay people to be clued in to this kind of thing. As for the blokes, they're just too busy drinking the heads of themselves, praying Dublin get no further in the GAA Championship and wondering when the Wolfe Tones are next in town. No wonder nothing major is ever on in Cork - they wouldn't bother turning up. Rednecks.

Anyway 3hive has links to free, legal downloads of The Arcade Fire, who (whom?, not sure) I'm looking forward to seeing the most, along with Doves.

The other week in Rome I was in an Irish bar and I met a hammered drunk Italian lad (the only time I saw a drunk Italian in 18 days - it's good to see the positive influence we have on the world...) who told me that he loved the Irish band he'd seen in Helsinki. "U2?" I ventured, obviously. "No they were traditional Irish punks!" "The Pogues?" "No... Flogging Molly!!!!" I've seen them in Cork. A slightly mad gig. Download from here and you'll see what I mean.

I'm shaking like a leaf, too much bloody coffee...
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