Friday, August 26, 2005


The BBC today reports that The Lancet has made "a damning attack on homeopathy". The report is written as if the findings should come as a surprise to people. There's some fantastic comments under the story - basically a bunch of people sticking their fingers in their ears, shouting "LA LA LA LA LA" and... finding some other way, I suppose... of covering their eyes. Fools. Homeopaths aren't just charlatans, they're cnuts.

However, on second thoughts, maybe they're onto something... I know a place where there are sea shells with magic powers. These sea shells, if placed on strategic points of the body, can revitalise flagging energy centres deep within the body. This information was known to the Vikings but was lost in the tyrannical years of the development of modern so-called science (known as the Dark Ages to those of us in the know).

Revitilising these energy centres is known to expel nasty toxins from the body, prevent hair loss, improve libido and cure any number of vague stress-related ailments (assuming the person administering the treatment spends plenty of time soothing the patient's ego in the process, of course). I believe the sea shells work. It's not up to me to prove they do, it's up to you to prove they don't. That's a logical impossibility you say?... LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!...

Anyone wanna buy some? 12 shells for the great introductory price of €159 (normal retail price €799).
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