Saturday, July 23, 2005

Stay Free

"It was learned last night that Sinn Fein party president Gerry Adams, Sinn Fein's chief peace negotiator Martin McGuinness and Dail deputy and convicted gun-runner Martin Ferris have all resigned from the seven-man IRA army council. The ground-breaking decision means that all links between the leadership of the political and military wings of the Provisional movement have been severed." - as reported in today's Irish Independent.

The Shinners have finally exhausted the Peace Process, in that they've managed to drag it out for seven and more years gaining concession after concession from governments petrified of a return to violence. And if there was a return to violence who would get the blame? The governments of course, because the Irish people, as has been so ably demonstrated over the last couple of weeks, blame governments for the actions of terrorists.

So this is the next step in the road to electoral respectability in the South. The North is pretty much sewn up as much as possible for the time being so the next target is coalition government in the South. As the Indo piece puts it - "the changes in personnel are also seen as part of the "sanitisation" process within Sinn Fein as the party prepares to present itself as a democratic body that is ready to play a full part in political developments north and south of the Border."

So, as I wrote before, the masterplan is coming to fruition. The IRA will cease to exist in "military" terms, but its members won't just retire, they'll become another band of gangsters whose booty will fund the new war - the fighting of elections in the South. The Shinners can now claim that any criminality is nothing to do with them and enough dumbfucks in the Irish electorate will believe them. Bugger.
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