Thursday, July 07, 2005


It's not yet confirmed, but Islamic terrorists are surely responsible for what has happened in London this morning. There's no way ID cards won't be introduced now, unfortunately. Hopefully the death toll will stay low (it's two at the moment but that's inevitably going to rise somewhat). The British Government have been saying for three years that this was a matter of "when" not "if" and finally, inevitably perhaps, they've been proved right.

Two questions thrown up, of course, would now be 1) Has the invasion of Iraq reduced the chances of Islamic terrorist attacks or exacerbated it or even made no difference at all? and, 2) Could Britain/the US/the West have adopted a different foreign policy to reduce the chances of Islamic terrorist attacks in our countries. Soberingly, the answers for me are that this would have happened at some stage regardless of the Iraq invasion and there is nothing we can do to completely prevent these people from attacking us.

Having read Jason Burke's excellent Al Qaeda book I've come to realise that there'll always be just enough hardcore fanatics, who believe they are implementing the will of God, who believe in jihad against the west, to cause this death and destruction - no matter how many of the political grievances in the Middle East are resolved.
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