Friday, July 08, 2005

London Calling

The humour has already started (I love British humour)...


LONDON: Where no matter what happens, and how many people are dead, there'll always be some cunt with a camera phone taking pictures.

The people of London have been amazing. Listening on the radio this morning (Morning Ireland 8/7/05), the RTE journalist interviewing people in train stations began to sound almost incredulous at peoples' insistence that they had no fear of using public transport and that they weren't going to let terrorists affect their day to day lives. There's no sign of the collective hysteria or mass outpouring of emotion that characterised the Madrid bombings or even some of the attacks carried out in this country. I'm not judging either way, it's just that the contrast is stark. I'm sorry for the trite analogy but it reminds me of the scene in the Blues Brothers where Carrie Fisher blows up the Brothers' apartment building and they just clamber out of the debris, dust themselves down and carry on without even mentioning what just happened.

More from The Friday Thing...

At the time of speculating, a previously unknown organisation calling itself the Secret Organisation Group of al-Qaeda are claiming responsibility, but then they would. Less likely perhaps, but still in the picture are the following...

EVENS: THE FRENCH. Chirac hates us. We know that. He hates out food, he hates our cattle, and he is hopping mad that we got the Olympics. Also, in footage of Blair and the rest of the G8 delegates at around 1 o'clock, Chirac was standing to the left of Blair and we swear, he was biting his cheeks so hard to keep himself from smiling, that blood was starting to seep out of his eyes.

10/1: G8. Things were getting just a little out of hand. People's voices were being heard, climate change and poverty were beginning to overshadow international terrorism as the world's number one issue. Something had to be done to allow George Bush to say this: 'The War on Terror goes on.' It was. He did.

50/1: RANDOM TERRORISTS. Jealous of the press coverage generated by Edinburgh-based anarchists, random terrorists decide to win back some coverage for the capital.

100/1: POVERTY. Depressed at the possibility of being made history, poverty strikes back and attempts to make London history.

1000/1: POWER SURGES. Right.
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