Wednesday, July 13, 2005

English Civil War

On the day of the attacks in London Richard Delevan posted this. There was a lot of response in his comments, which he seems to have disabled. One quote that caught my eye, and is slightly relevant to the letter I wrote below, was "Go where they come from. Stop them there. Persuade, cajole, bribe or if necessary force change in the societies that produce them. So that the clearest path to paradise doesn't run through twisted metal and mangled flesh." Now maybe I'm wrong, but I remember the article as being more forceful than that. Has it been edited since?... Anyway a comment I posted was along the lines of "what happens if it turns out that 'there' is Bradford?" Well that now seems to be the case and its potential consequences are frightening.

Only the foolish and the truly ignorant can now believe that this is just about Iraq.
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