Saturday, July 02, 2005

Elvis Ate America

To post about a trip to Burger King or a gas pipeline? Especially after calls have been made for the government to interfere directly with the judiciary - abhorrent in any democracy - I'd like to write about the jailing of five Mayo land-owners for contempt of court. They refused to give undertakings not to obstruct Shell from doing their preparatory work for a gas pipeline coming onshore from a field off the west coast of Ireland. My sympathy would lie with the company, because I'm pretty sure we're looking at NIMBY-ism again, and the indications are that the locals don't seem interested in letting Shell address their concerns (in case they're shown to be in the wrong perhaps?) but I don't know all the details or what the (genuine) risks are - and 345 bar is a LOT of pressure.

Instead I'll quote the back of the packet my Burger King chips came in last night:

"Your Fries Your Way

"You can eat these fries any way you want. You can dip them in ketchup or your drink if that turns you on. You can stuff them in your sandwich or you can play pick-up-sticks with them if you really want. Or, hang on, here's a thought, you can even eat them like a normal human being."

Is it just me or is that a truly bizarre piece of marketing? I know what they're trying to say (and it's lame) but that last sentence is just odd.
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