Friday, July 15, 2005

Crazy Dane

The Danes are not known for their pizza, especially. In fact, they're not known for anything much at all outside of lager, pastries, large slobbery dogs and Hamlet, their notorious procrastinating prince. Oh, and bacon. But one particularly uppity Danish pizza-peddler went to prison on Tuesday in the process of defending his bastardised Italian comestibles from cheese-, tomato-, basil- and pepperoni-eating surrender-monkeys.

Being fervently pro-war, Aage Bjerre posted a friendly sign in his window in February 2003, depicting two human figures in the colours of the French and German flags with lines drawn through them. Next to these, the welcoming words 'No Admittance'. 'I'm doing it to show my sympathy with the United States,' Bjerre told the press. 'It shows how seriously I mean it.' One precipitous drop in sales, several acts of vandalism to the pizzeria and a refusal to pay a 5000 kroner fine later, and Bjerre is spending a week in prison. 'But,' bleated Bjerre, 'one should also remember that eight days is a small price to pay when American soldiers go to Iraq and risk their limbs and lives.'

Keeping him company in his cell is an American flag, a photograph of George'n'Laura and some of the many, many fan letters he has received from some of his proud American cousins. Fan letters. To a man who refused to serve French and German tourists. We give up.

*Nicked from The Friday Thing*
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