Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Running To Stand Still

I am all over the shop. The last 56 hours or so have been surreal. I got home to Dundalk after the Saturday U2 gig at about 3am Sunday; was up again at 10am to try and keep the body clock right; went back to bed at 10pm and got up at 3:30am Monday morning to drive back to Cork. I was in work for 7:15 yesterday. So far, so not very out of the ordinary. Then I decided that I would take a chance and go to U2 again, without a ticket so I took the 5:30pm train back to Dublin, got to Croke Park by 8:30pm and there were dozens of people on the trawl for tickets - i.e. I hadn't a chance.

I watched the gig from behind the stage in a car park, which wasn't too bad, then I legged it back for the train that was meant to leave at 12:30am but didn't leave for nearly another hour; got to Cork at 4am this morning, every taxi had disappeared off the face of the Earth so it was about 5am before I made it back to my gaff. I had a shower, breakfast and have come straight to work again. Including dozing on the train I've managed about 8 hours sleep since I got up on Sunday morning. I'll be in bits later, but it was all worth it!
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