Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Last Gang In Town

I'm knackered but exhilarated. At 9:25 on Friday night I was nearly in tears - and not tears of joy. U2 had just belted out Vertigo, I Will Follow, Electric Co., Elevation, New Year's Day, Beautiful Day, Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For and Wild Horses. They never play Wild Horses live and that's up there with my favourite songs, particularly the more acoustic single version. So what was wrong? Well my seat was in the lower tier of the stand behind the second of speakers and, whether it was a time delay problem or the sound was bouncing off the stands, there was a rotten echo that ruined all those songs for me. I tried to move away from these speakers and then, when City of Blinding Light started it all seemed to be sorted. The rest of the gig was fantastic, especially the Zoo TV throwback encore so I got over it.

Last night the weather was better, I had better seats (no sound problems) and a great view, albeit a long way from the stage. It was fantastic - every song was nailed and the place was hopping. Before the gig I was looking down on the pitch and saw some lad being wrestled out of the ground by the Garda. I don't know what he did but I felt sorry for him. He put up such a struggle that they eventually needed four Gards to sit on him, cuff him and carry him away. A second lad ran onto the pitch from the stand during New Year's Day. I could see him leg it for the crowd and a steward took off after him. The lad ducked and dived and thought he'd gotten away but the steward caught him and rugby tackled him. The Gards hauled him off too and the other stewards gathered round to give the first fella a pat on the back. I did't see anyone else try it!

I don't know if this was staged or not but Bono took some guy out of the crowd, a Canadian (big cheer...?) who'd been holding up some sort of placard, and he gave him a guitar and they all played Partygirl. That was very cool. I don't have my ticket for tomorrow night anymore but I'm thinking of going back to Dublin on the train and waiting til the gig starts before trying to hit the touts for a reasonably priced ticket. We'll see!
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