Thursday, June 30, 2005


A report in today's Irish Times states that "The Ringsend incinerator will not open until 2010 - Thousands of tonnes of waste are set to be exported from Dublin to other counties because of delays in establishing the proposed Ringsend incinerator and a new landfill site in north Dublin". and that "Capacity at the existing Dublin waste facilities is due to run out by December 2007." Yet "Councillors have made a further objection to the incinerator in their submission to the replacement Waste Management Plan for 2005-2010."

Well congratulations to the NIMBYs on this one. Politicians pandering to the local electorate rejecting science in favour of scare-stories and people's deliberate ignorance and self-interest. No doubt the letter writers will insist that there's a third way, the magical "21st century" option where everything can be recycled, like rotting meat, shitty nappies, sanitary wate and the rest and people living in city centres can be relied upon to compost in their apartment buildings.

Do people realise the cost of exporting waste to other countries? It's huge. Do they realise that this cost will be passed onto them? Well it should be. Will they then take to the streets like before? When it comes to matters of the wallet, unquestionably. No to incinerators; no to landfill; no to waste disposal charges. Who's going to square that circle? A bit of political leadership is needed when the electorate turns populist, but will we get it?...
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