Friday, June 17, 2005

Egg Chasing Time

Geordan Murphy, Irish egg chaser with the British Lions in some ex-colony, speaking to The Guardian - "...At least it has given us an excuse to have some fun. If there is any perceived niggle in training, we've now instigated a rule on the bus home: either the players involved have to pay a fine of NZ$200 (£83) into the tour kitty or they have to kiss on the lips. All I can say is this must be a very tight bunch of rugby players because very few people have paid the fine..."

I knew it all along.

By the way Gerry Thornley in the Irish Times reported that "...there were clear signs that the increased intensity on the training ground - as evidenced by a reputed punch-up between John Hayes and Gordon Bulloch - bore immediate benefit." I see, and when footballers have a punch-up (once in a blue moon) they're branded as thugs.
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