Friday, June 24, 2005

All I Want Is U2

Today's the day. Tomorrow's the day as well. Monday could well be the day too - haven't decided. Yes, U2, The Greatest Band In the World, are making their Olympian return to Croke Park (Olympian as in they seem to play Ireland every four years at the moment and I can't think of the word for every four years... quadrennial, maybe?). It feels like only yesterday that I was lying on the street all night in order to get my hands on these gold-dust tickets. I've a feeling they might never tour again, at least on this scale, after the Vertigo tour so I intend making the most of it.

The British Lions will be hoping to give some ex-colonials a damn good thrashing before breakfast tomorrow morning in yet another overhyped re-enactment of trench warfare. The colonial egg-chasers will probably engage in some pre-match Morris Dancing to intimidate their ex-imperial masters but, considering I've as much Maori blood in me as a lot of the New Zealanders, it's kind of hard to take them seriously doing their Riverdance with tongues stuck out (not that I'd stand in their way, don't get me wrong, bloody animals). Anyway, literally, I won't be losing any sleep for it.
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