Sunday, May 08, 2005

You'll Never Walk Alone

Never actually thought it would work out this way but it has. I make the prediction now so that I can return in August and say "I told you so"; Everton will go out in the Champions' League qualifying round.

Just have to go to Istanpool and beat AC Milan so.

The Championship is the be all and end all of Gaelic Games. From May 'til September, every year, the country's finest amateur sportsmen will do battle with nothing but the pride of their own counties at stake. Then Kilkenny win the hurling. Gaelic Football is a lot more competitive and harder to call than the stick-ball game but there's one thing that isn't too hard to predict - how long Louth will last. The answer is usually the second week of May and so it's come to pass. It's no wonder that, when the muck-savages are going nuts in the Autumn, I fail to be enthused.

It's been great being at home for the weekend. I'll be leaving to head to Cork at 4am. I'll have the road to myself so should be in work for about 7:45. I'm in for another pretty shitty week I think.
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