Friday, May 06, 2005

A Sort Of Homecoming

Going home today, first time since Easter. I'm pretty homesick because I don't normally leave it this long. I'm taking a half day but I worked from 8:30 am til 11:45pm yesterday to try and get enough done to get away early today. I hope I don't fall asleep on the road. It's unlikely, though, because crap Irish driving will likely have my blood boiling the whole way to the Balbriggan exit of the M1 (some 180 miles into my journey from Cork to Dundalk). I don't think I'm a great driver but I'm NEVER guilty of any of the following, which makes me better than the vast majority (particular kudos to Cork people on all of the following):

  1. I stay on my side of the road; I don't lane float, wander over the white line on bends or cut the corner on junctions.
  2. I don't drive up peoples' holes.
  3. I don't think my hazard lights automatically give me permission to abandon my car anywhere I like.
  4. On dual carriageways, climbing lanes and motorways I stay in the left lane unless I actually intend passing someone (at a reasonable speed) - the overtaking lane is NOT a lifestyle choice and the inner lane is NOT just for trucks and tractors.
  5. I actually use my indicators when they're meant to be used. That includes NOT using them going around bends and using them CORRECTLY on roundabouts.
  6. I stay in the lane I'm SUPPOSED to be in to take the correct exit off roundabouts.
  7. I don't enter box junctions or roundabouts unless I can exit them.
  8. I don't dawdle away from traffic lights.
  9. If someone travelling faster than me is approaching on a straight road with a hard shoulder, I'll move over to allow him safely pass. I won't wander over to the white line and block him. It's none of my business if he decides to break the speed limit, more reason to get out of his way and avoid trouble.

That's enough for now. Looking forward to a couple of pints tonight and a round of golf with the lads in the morning.

Todays playlist:

  1. The Killers
  2. Razorlight
  3. The Arcade Fire
  4. Hot Hot Heat
  5. The Futureheads
  6. U2
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