Thursday, May 26, 2005

Somebody Got Murdered

Interesting, armed robbers shot by the Garda. That's pretty rare. While I'm against the death penalty in principle I have zero sympathy for these gangsters or any gangster/terrorist shot dead in the process of carrying out gun related crimes. I wonder who'll be first to try and blame the police for not trying to arrest them or accuse the police of state execution or whatever. My money is on Vinnie Browne tonight on RTE Radio 1 (state radio).

UPDATE 16:30:
Well Amnesty were quick out of the blocks. What pisses me off is that you wouldn't hear a peep from Amnesty or their ilk if it was two Garda officers that were shot dead. Are their lives cheaper than gangsters' because they're part of the state apparatus or something? Muppets in Amnesty and Greenpeace that have their moral equivalence-ometers up their ass make being a leftie very difficult...

I'm nearly dissapointed, not a peep from Vinnie all night as far as I can tell. I did hear one woman on the radio suggesting that the Garda should have used stun guns though! Maybe they should have shot the guns out of their hands like in cowboy films!
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