Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Some Days Are Better Than Others

Not being a Barstool Republican I find the whole Celtic love-in in this country rather nauseating. A Celtic shirt is virtually the uniform of choice for numbskulls in this country to express their Oirishness - more so, even, than the national team's shirt. If I could believe for a second that Celtic fans "love" their club for purely footballing or even heritage reasons like, say, a fan of Liverpool or Manchester Utd does then I wouldn't mind. But the truth is that being a Celtic fan is part of a pseudo-republican image rooted in sectarianism along with other "rebel" shite like listening to The Wolfe Tones and buying An Phoblacht.

These people never watch League of Ireland football, of course. "No", they'll say, "because it's shite". Well I can accept that from people supporting teams from one of the big money leagues (at which point in time it's no longer either/or, considering the gulf in class) but not from anyone who follows the ridiculous duopoly bore-fest that is Scottish football, which, as anyone who actually watches it knows, is also shite.

Anyway, in keeping with standard practice, there were riots in Belfast following Celtic's dramatic choke in handing the title to Rangers. All the police's fault of course...
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